What we do

*A mobile welding service which comes directly to you* 

We can come directly to you. We provide our welding service to the commercial and domestic industry. We come directly to your business which from our experience gives our customers the best possible outcome for getting the job done quickly and with great quality. We are always happy to help with no obligation quotations and advice.

Mild steel
(coded or general)

  • Chassis cracks/rust
  • Crossmember fitment
  • Outrigger replacements
  • Structural frames
  • Seat frames and grab poles
  • Railings
  • Gates


  • Engine/gearbox housing
  • Body panels
  • Pillars
  • Railings
  • Frames
  • Containers
  • Custom projects

Stainless Steel

  • Exhaust systems
  • Hydraulic piping
  • Water systems
  • Railings
  • Access ramps
  • Shielding/covers
  • Boating frames

Mild(carbon) steel has uses in many manufactured products that everyone uses on a daily basis from automotive to normal daily living. These items do however need permanently fixing togther or repairing in time. We have the latest welding equipment and experience that we provide to help with any project or repair.

The advantage with TIG welding(process for all types of materials) is that it creates very minimal sparks which suits almost every industry with all three major metals however maily used to weld aluminium, with all the same quality and great looking welds.

Tig welding process uses tungsten electrode to produce a weld pool and more commonly argon gas as a shielding gas to stop any impurities to affect the weld.

Minor to Major Accident Repairs

We provide a mobile or an inhouse service. Our customers prefer that we come directly to their depot or workshop as we provide everything that requires for the vehicle to be repaired to the high standards that the industry require and that our customers expect.

We have to ability to pull and push damaged metal chassis work with our doser unit that we are able to bring onsite. From minor to major accidents, from start to finish we will have the repair completed in half the time that it would take if you had it outsourced.

We have great contacts within the PSV industry and will be able to provide advice or handle most enquiries given our experience.

Flooring Repairs/Modifications

Over time the original flooriing will become soft and worn down which will either fail when inspected by DVSA or become unusable in service which affects your business. We can replace all the old flooring with all new flooring and high spec sealants and antislip lino, to the manufacturers specifications, also replacing all structual work if required once we remove the flooring to see further into the flooring issue. 

If you require any modifications to the flooring such as strengthening the fixing points for the seating or a ramp fitment we can provide with all modifications.

This process is relatively a simple and cost effictive way to insure your vehicle is presented well to both your customers and the statisfaction that the vehicle will be 100% road worthy after our repairs.


Having vehicles in service they generally come back to the depot with minor damages to the body or paint work and over time they start to look tired. We can do all repairs, panel replacements and whole vehicle refurb if required. If you prefer a general vehicle refurb inside and out this is too a great option instead of outsouring to an expensive bodyshop.


There are many types of fibreglass uses within various industries. The advantage with fibreglass is that is can be repaired to the original standard with specific repair methods. Fibreglass is light weight and an extremely strong material with many uses which can be made stronger if needed adding certain composite materials and with certain resin curing processes.

Machuca engineeeing provide a mobile service for any repair which is required, please do not hesitate to get i touch with any enquiries.

You will be in great experienced and punctual hands